STEPUP Project

Social Entrepreneurship

ste up project

Strengthening innovative social entrepreneurship practices for disruptive business settings in Thailand and Myanmar

The STEPuP Project

Aims to modernize existing social entrepreneurship practices and promote innovation in Thai & Burmese HEIs by integrating advanced learning tools for the creation of disruptive business ideas into existing academic structures, while strengthening the university-business collaboration through participatory schemes on a local and regional level


  • to strengthen teaching staff capacities and student skill sets
  • to create, equip and put in operation the Social Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hubs
  • to enhance the cooperation HE-Enterprise and students learning experience by developing Innovative Social Entrepreneurship Case studies
  • to extend networks in social entrepreneurship innovation in national & international HE contexts

Key Outcomes

  • Status-quo and GAP analysis including the good practice catalogue EU (M4-5)

  • 4 trainings (12 staff) on the topics of SE and disruptive business strategies (M13)
  • 2 multiplier events (internal training) with at least 30 staff trained (M14)
  • Implementation and operation of SEKH (M14-M19)
  • Official integration of SEKH in the university structure (2 academic staff and 5 students) (M12-M20)

  • 10 vocational trainings implemented with the external target groups

  • ¬†1 student case challenge with a minimum of 5 cases developed on social entrepreneurship (M20-M29)

  • 1 international conference organized on innovative social entrepreneurship practices (M34) including a joint publication (M32)

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stepup project partner
stepup project partner
stepup project partner
stepup project partner

Project Partners

  • Cracow University of Economics (CUE), Cracow, Poland
  • Stichting Breda University of Applied Sciences (NHTV), The Netherlands
  • Payap University
  • Burapha University
  • Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai
  • Mahasarakham University
  • University of Mandalay (MU), Mandalay
  • National Management Degree College (NMDC), Yangon
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stepup project partner
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stepup project partner

STEPuP project

ste up project

Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Higher Education

Coordinator: FH JOANNEUM Gesellschaft mbH (Austria)

Project Duration: Duration 36 months, Planned starting date 15/11/2019, Planned end date 14/11/2022

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Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

FH JOANNEUM Gesellschaft mbH (Austria)

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