“we empower  agents of social change”

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We aim to serve as a resource hub for local social impact practitioners
and to engage stakeholders from all sectors to commit and tackle social issues.

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FRIENDS Project - More Success !

friends project

The Interim President of Payap University (PYU), Ajarn Apicha Insuwan, visits the FRIENDS booth at the PYU General Education Fair 2021. Any PYU student can join the project and receive an Intercultural Passport.

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Student Competitions

  1. Digital Storytelling Contest.
  2. Film Making: Climate Change, Changing Lives (CCCL)

Read all about the competitions on the  opportunities page.

payap friends social impact project
payap friends social impact project

Students wanted: visit Europe

Are you interested in a free visit to Europe? See the intercultural passport to Europe on our  opportunities page.

Community Engagement and Development

Are you interested in a program that aims to help Indonesian local communities through socio-economic development initiatives?

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Please visit our opportunities page for details

New Projects

stepup project

STEPuP project

We have secured a new project that includes 6 Asian Universities and 3 European Partners. Read about the STEPuP project here.

Ongoing Projects


to develop students global competences

Sustainable Tourism

to increase positive impact of local tourism in Thailand

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Social Entrepreneurship

to strengthen innovative  social entrepreneurship

social impact thailand

Social Impact Thailand

Social Impact Organizations in Thailand

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Certificate in Community and Organization Management

payap fair trade

Fair Trade

Fair Trade University Campaign

Centre for Social Impact

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